Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12 Angry Men (1957 Film) - Best and Worst Argument

Best Argument:
I believe that the best argument in the movie was made by Jury #11, the immigrant. Jury #11’s argument was that, Juries have a responsibility of deciding the fate of a person they have never met before. So it is a Juror’s primary duty to make unbiased decisions without bringing any personal conflicts or any personal interests in play. Because in the end, Juries have nothing to gain or loose from a case, so why take it personally?
According to me, this is one argument that stands on its own merits. Jury #11 is right when he says that Juries should make unbiased decisions and not take any case personally. Because that’s what Juries are for. Juries can make or break a case. One simple vote or one simple decision by the Jury can send an innocent person to jail for life. Or even worst, it can cost a person his life. So before passing their decision on a case, Juries should first look at all the facts and all the reasonable doubts, and then vote in an unbiased way.

Worst Argument:
I believe that the worst argument was made by Jury #3, the emotionally distraught father. Jury #3’s argument was that no matter what anyone says, the boy is guilty of murdering his own father because the facts say so. Jury #3 was very stubborn with a streak of sadism and never listened to anyone. Well, the reason I say that Jury #3’s argument was the worst is because, what Jury #3 failed to understand is that facts can be made up.
You cannot decide a persons fate based on facts alone. Juries must question the facts and clear all the reasonable doubts before deciding whether a person in guilty or not guilty.
Jury #3 was taking this case personally, so he refused to question the facts or any reasonable doubts. Jury #3 was determined in proving the boy guilty; he never even bothered to have any reasonable doubts. 

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